bukit bendera

3:18:00 AM

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break fasting

2:31:00 PM

break fast with my roomate at Queensbay

menu from chicken rice shop..

my roomate "husna"
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shoot at with bow and arrow

6:31:00 AM


pose with my bow

ready to shoot at with bow and arrow


sam,asyu and me

my pair
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picnic with my best friends

11:11:00 AM

On last holiday, my best friends and i decided to picnic at 'Pantai Irama Bachok'. First time i drove my car as far as there.hrmm..actually my mom just bought 'kancil' (2nd hand) for me.she want me practis my skill as i just got my licence. So, it easy for me hang out with my friends.hahahihihihihakhak...

this is my mom.she wanted to join us.
i love her very much...

zana and me..
hrmmm..my BBQ very delicious.
the first time i make it myself

yani..dont just pose here.hehe

zack,yani,zana and me...

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practical at JPS kota bharu on mei to june 09

11:35:00 AM

site with Pn. Akmalullizah at her station

maintenance the tipping bucket

counting water from tipping bucket..

rainfall station

weather station

site with En.Johari to his station with other technicians from JPS Ampang...

first time, i ride a motor boat.hehe...
very nervous

maintained the instrument
site at Empangan Pergau which conducted by En. Johari as a technician...

the instruments for being recording rain placed on top of rainfall station

my friend (wani) and i were counting water from tipping bucket..

this for testing before we use a new tipping bucket rainfall sensor..
this instrument for being recording rain gauges.

site with hj. Nassir at his station.

with my friend (mimi)

site at the Guillmard bridge.. conducted by Hj nassir as a technician..

i'm duty to take water discharge on train's bridge..
like an engineer?hehehe
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kamu pelawat ke?